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Shunga is Art

Specializing in Japanese erotic woodblock print artwork

Huge 20% Off Savings!

"A resource for my Kuniyoshi and Ukiyo-e research and study” and “plus he’s got great taste in eros!” - Jonathan H, USA

Experience the same satisfaction as our valued customer Jonathan and enjoy a premium discount of 20% off your entire order when you spend $500 or more. 

Simply use the promo code 20500 during checkout to earn these great savings!


​​Shop now and enhance your settings - or someone else's - with Shunga is Art!


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R Tanaka, Yamaguchi-ken, Japan

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"I use the offer from Shunga is Art for some time now and have not been disappointed. Also the delivery service works excellent. The purchased prints are an asset to every collection.”

- Thomas, Austria

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